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The popularity of Sony, a multi-award-winning Japanese company, has endured through the years. It is renowned for creating high-quality electronics and has found success in all technological fields. Sony has established an outstanding reputation for quality and innovation across a variety of industries, including home appliances, cameras, and audio.

Sony is the master of powerful yet delicate bass sounds when it comes to subwoofers. For the highest possible sound quality, it is simple to produce and hear the brilliant lower frequency sounds.The Sony SA-SW5 300W Wireless Subwoofer is our favourite among all the Sony subwoofers that are currently on the market.

For a variety of factors, it’s the ideal subwoofer for your home audio setup. First of all, your home will look fashionable with its sleek design. Additionally, it is wireless, making it simple to place it in the desired location in the room. Plus it offers a great depth of sound with 300W and 19L of total power. It is simple to pair with various devices and connect to your soundbar. Overall, it is the best product available and is our top choice.

A good alternative if you’re looking for something a little less expensive and potent is the SA-SW3 200W Additional Wireless Subwoofer. It is small and equipped with everything you need for a speaker system in your home. The built-in subwoofer enhances the sound and offers excellent value.

Alternately, you can purchase the Z9F 3.1ch Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos and Wireless Subwoofer for a higher price. The Sony system you choose will provide the highest sound quality for your home theatre.

Continue reading as we discuss our favourite Sony wireless subwoofer in detail if you’re still not sure which is best for you. They’re all brilliant, but in very different ways.

Best Sony Subwoofer For 2023

SA-SW5 300W Additional Wireless Subwoofer

Sony Subwoofer
Image source: sony


This subwoofer amplifies the impact of everything you watch and listen to with 300 W of deep bass sound from a potent 180 mm driver and passive radiator. Enjoy thunderous explosions and the cleanest, most intense beats you’ve ever heard. For truly authentic soundtracks, you’ll also hear clearer voices and more fidelity.

The SA-design SW5’s is a perfect fit for these systems. Its elegantly rounded edges symbolise a single solid block that produces a sound that spreads widely. The combination of luxurious material textures highlights a fit with any living room setting.

Deep, powerful bass is made possible by Sony’s patented technology, the Σ(Sigma) Magnetic Circuit, which increases the magnetic force that drives the voice coil. Contrarily, conventionally shaped circuits allowed a significant amount of this magnetic force to escape.

Once the SA-SW5 subwoofer is powered on, your home theatre system or soundbar will instantly establish a wireless connection with it. With no messy cables required, it is quick and simple.


The SA-SW5 powers your entertainment with deep, rich bass and clear low-frequency sound thanks to cutting-edge audio technologies like Σ  Magnetic Circuit and Separated Notch Edge.To improve your entertainment experience, this wireless subwoofer gives your home theatre or soundbar powerful bass.

SA-SW3 200W Additional Wireless Subwoofer

Image source Sony


This bass reflex subwoofer amplifies the impact of everything you watch and listen to with 200W of powerful, deep bass from a 160mm driver. Undistorted heavy bass beats and a deep thunderous rumble are felt. Moreover, for truly authentic soundtracks, you’ll hear voices that are more lucid and with greater fidelity.

 Sony’s home theatre system, soundbar, and optional speakers were all created using the same design principle known as the Omnidirectional Block. For these systems, the SA-design SW3’s works flawlessly. Its elegantly rounded edges represent a single solid block that emits sound that is widely dispersed. Rich material textures combined together emphasis a fit with any living room setting.

Deep, powerful bass is made possible by Sony’s patented technology, the Σ (Sigma) Magnetic Circuit, which increases the magnetic force that drives the voice coil. Contrarily, conventionally shaped circuits allowed a significant amount of this magnetic force to escape.


The SA-SW3 subwoofer connects wirelessly to your soundbar or home theatre system as soon as it is powered on. It’s quick and easy with no need for messy cables. When turned up to its highest volume, the audio quality is on par with that of other products. However, the sound may sound “muddy” and unclear at lower volume levels.

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Sony Z9F 3.1ch Sound bar with Dolby Atmos and Wireless Subwoofer (HT-Z9F)

Image source Sony


You can experience the thrill of Dolby Atmos from a single, slim unit thanks to Sony’s newest surround technology. The front speakers reproduce “Vertical” audio without the ceiling, regardless of the type of room you’re in, and the enabled speakers produce virtual surround sound that seems to come from all around you.

Everything you watch can be enjoyed with up to 7.1.2 channels of sound. Any audio can be converted to immersive surround sound with just the press of the “Vertical S” button on the remote thanks to our sophisticated digital signal processing. For thrill and exhilaration, the 79F 3.1ch wireless subwoofer places you right in the middle of the action! The soundbar can provide you with an effortless full-resolution connection thanks to its eARC technology.

The compact, simple-to-connect soundbar fits into any room without interfering with audio or video. This wireless subwoofer can be connected to Alexa to give you an at-home concert or to allow Alexa’s voice to be projected throughout the house.


Enjoy Surround Sound that fills the room without the use of multiple speakers. S-Force PRO Front Surround reproduces audio and video with enthralling depth. Even the most subtle and faint sound effects are produced with quality. Our wave-front technology uses the entire speaker array to deliver more realistic, three-dimensional sound fields over a larger area with just a single sound bar and subwoofer.

Sony creates a new sense of height that draws you into the action, fills the room with sound, and accurately depicts objects moving above. Additionally, Dolby Atmos renders everything with astounding clarity, richness, detail, and depth, including dialogue, quiet scenes, and fast-paced action.


There are many excellent audio products from Sony, all of which compete with one another! Our priorities when evaluating the various Sony wireless subwoofer models were sound quality, features that were offered, and how these compared to each price point. The Sony SA-SW5 300W Wireless Subwoofer is the best option, in my opinion.

This wireless subwoofer’s sleek, portable design allowed for flexible placement, giving us numerous options for fine-tuning the sound in the space. Its portability and simple connectivity make it an essential component of any home theatre, living room, or even bedroom. It would be a shame to forgo such a high-quality product with a bass this strong and a sound this clear.

Sony subwoofer FAQs

How Do I Connect My Sony Wireless Subwoofer?

  • Press the HOME button
  • Select Setup and then Advanced Settings on the menu
  • Select Speaker Settings Wireless Speaker Settings -Start manual linking
  • Press LINK button, the power indicator will flash green twice repeatedly
  • Choose Start and then the manual connection will begin

Why Is My Sony Subwoofer Not Working?

A Sony subwoofer that isn’t working most likely has an issue with the AC power cord, ventilation holes are blocked, it’s connected incorrectly, or it’s being blocked by other equipment.

To solve the issue, double-check the power supply or attempt a reset.

How Do I Pair My Sony Subwoofer?

It should be automatic for a Sony soundbar and subwoofer to pair.

Make sure the soundbar is nearby and that it is turned on properly. The subwoofer’s front will start to glow red. When the devices are correctly paired, this red light will change to green.

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