Element Tv wont turn on: how to fix

element tv wont turn on

Nothing is worse than getting ready to watch a movie and discovering that your Element TV won’t turn on.Whatever the specific problem, you should look at the same set of causes and solutions to fix it. my Element TV wont turn on but red light is on, or it may be stuck in standby mode.

You can fix your TV at home by using this in-depth troubleshooting guide if your ELEMENT TV won’t turn on for some reason.

Before getting into specific troubleshooting, there is a simple fix that will take care of most issues. It is referred to as “power cycling.”

Ten minutes after unplugging your ELEMENT TV from the wall, try it again. Press and hold the power button for the next 60 seconds. Turn on the TV by plugging it in. All capacitors are discharged and any remaining charges are removed from the circuit by pressing and holding the power button.

ELEMENT TV wont turn ON Possible reasons:

Your ELEMENT TV is a sophisticated device that combines a number of electronic components to create a clear image on the screen. Software or hardware errors that prevent your TV from turning on frequently disturb this harmony.

POWER SUPPLY: The circuit board that supplies the necessary voltage to the main control or motherboard is found on the back of your TV, just below the cover.

Numerous capacitors and tiny transformers on this board are prone to blowing up in the event of erratic voltage.

MOTHERBOARD: A television’s essential component. In order to display video on the screen, it processes video from the outside and sends signals to the TCON boards (timing control boards).Although it rarely fails, it will need to be replaced completely if it does.

TCON BOARDS: The LCD panel’s top or bottom houses the Timing Control Boards. They manage the horizontal and vertical lines that create an image on your TV.

Half of the screen is controlled by each TCON board. The picture will only display on one side of the screen if one of the TCON boards fails.

BACKLIGHT: The backlighting for an LCD screen is done with CCFL tubes or LED strips. They serve to enlighten the picture. Particularly the older CCFL tubes, they can degrade quite frequently.

We now have a clear understanding of a TV’s essential parts. Here are some ELEMENT TV issues that are frequently encountered.

A bad power source, a bad power cable,element tv back panel, a bad remote, and a bad signal are some of the most typical causes of your Element TV not turning on.

ELEMENT TV problems and possible reasons

Signs of malfunctionPossible reasons
TV won’t turn ON – no red lightPower circuit failure (cord, wall switch)
element tv wont turn on but red light flashing Power supply board is malfunctioning
or External voltage supply is low
element tv wont turn on but red light is onPower supply is malfunctioning
Power button is broken.
Remote is not working/dead batteries
audio is coming, but no videoTV backlight is fused
Bad TCON board
TV turns ON but element tv no pictureTV backlight array is fused
TV turns ON but only half screen is black the TCON board is faulty.
TV turns ON but there are horizontal/vertical linesBad TCON board.
LCD ribbon panels are damaged
TV turns ON with logo but shuts off againpower supply is faulty

ELEMENT TV not turning ON : Troubleshooting

Check the power circuit:

In the event that an electronic device won’t turn ON, you should start here. Check to see if your element tv not working, is receiving power from the wall if it won’t turn on.

You might be surprised to learn that a cut, loose, or shorted wall socket or lead are to blame for 50% of the issues.

To begin with, make sure the wall socket is supplying the necessary current.

It’s very simple to do that; simply get another appliance, plug it into the same socket, and see if it functions. It could be a juicer, your hoover, or anything else.

A voltage tester or voltmeter can also be used to test the power. The socket is functional if the tester bulb illuminates or the metre displays the proper voltage.

Next, look for any obvious cuts or breaks in the TV power cord. Power cords are infamously unreliable and become brittle and vulnerable to cuts after prolonged use.

The plug and wall socket typically become hot and end up being damaged when they don’t make good electrical contact (or both)

You won’t see any signs of life on your ELEMENT TV, why won’t my element tv wont turn on, which is a definite sign of a power circuit failure. Either there won’t be any light, or it will be dim or flashing, indicating a low power supply.

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 Power cycle your ELEMENT TV

If your power circuit is functioning properly, the next step in troubleshooting is to power cycle your ELEMENT TV to determine if it malfunctioned as a result of an erroneous buildup of electric charge.

Power cycling basically just means turning your TV off and back on.

But in contrast to simple ON/OFF, we take care to drain the circuit of its electrical charge while we’re doing it, ensuring that the system restarts from scratch.

Remove the TV’s plug from the wall outlet.
60 seconds should pass.
For 30 seconds, press and hold the power button at the bottom.

Plug your TV back in and turn it ON

The system is reset to its zero states, where all the systems are stable, when you run your TV through a power cycle and drain all the capacitors off their stored charge, and the TV reboots from scratch.

Check your ELEMENT TV Remote

If you see a standby light ON on your TV, but it is not responding to your remote button input, it is possible that your TV remote is not working.

To troubleshoot your remote, go through the following steps.

Replace remote batteries

Clean your Remote

Check your remote IR sensor

Power cycle your TV remote

If none of these solutions work, (element tv no power button)the main board or power board is probably to blame. These can be replaced, but it might be best to have a professional take a look at it.

However, before taking this route, give Element customer service ,element tv repair one last try; if nothing else, they may be able to offer you a discount off a new model.

ELEMENT TV Troubleshooting – Conclusion

To summarise what was said above:

  • Make sure the TV is receiving enough power from the wall first.
  • To fix any issues, turn your TV on and off again.
  • Verify the functionality of your remote control.
  • To determine if the issue is with external devices, remove them all.
  • Verify that the external video source is operational.
  • Consider factory reseting your TV.
  • Check the circuit board for any shorts by removing the back cover.
  • Verify the operation of the TV’s LCD backlight.
  • Re-solder broken connections using the oven technique, as a bonus tip.
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