How to add balance to tiktok ads manager?

how to add balance to tiktok ads manager

Are you looking to use TikTok for business? If so, you’ll need to know how to add balance to the TikTok Ads Manager in order to make campaigns and create advertisements. Adding balance to the TikTok Ads Manager is a simple process that will enable you to take advantage of the power of the platform for tiktok business. In this blog post, we’ll go over the steps you need to take to add balance to the TikTok Ads Manager.

The basics of tiktok ads

Tiktok is quickly becoming a top player in the social media advertising space, with its engaging short-form videos and millions of active users. Tiktok ads provide businesses with a unique opportunity to reach a highly engaged audience through their personalized ad experiences.

To get started with tiktok ads, you’ll need to create a tiktok ads account and link it to your existing tiktok account. This process is simple and straightforward, and can be done by following the steps outlined in the tik tok ad manager.

Once your accounts are linked, you can begin creating tiktok ads using a variety of ad formats, including in-feed ads, brand takeover ads, and sponsored hashtag challenges. When creating your ads, it’s important to keep in mind the unique characteristics of the tiktok platform, such as the emphasis on creativity and authenticity.

To ensure that your ads are successful, you should also pay attention to metrics such as click-through rates, impressions, and engagement rates. Tiktok also provides tools for tracking these metrics, such as the click tracking URL tiktok.

If you’ve created a successful ad campaign in tiktok, you may want to duplicate it for future use. You can do this easily in the tiktok ads manager by following the steps for how to duplicate campaign in tiktok ads.

While tiktok ads have the potential to be highly effective, there are also common issues that can arise. These may include tiktok ads not delivering or not spending as expected, or tiktok ads being scheduled outside of the desired time frame. To address these issues, you can consult the tiktok ads manager and troubleshoot using the available resources.

Overall, tiktok ads can be a valuable addition to your social media advertising strategy. By understanding the basics of tiktok ads and staying up to date with the latest best practices, you can create engaging and effective ads that resonate with your target audience.

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How to create a tiktok ad?

Creating a TikTok ad is relatively easy once you’ve linked your TikTok account to the Ads Manager. If you haven’t linked your account yet, go to the TikTok Ads Manager page and click on “Log in” at the top right corner. Then, enter your TikTok login details and click on “Authorize.”

Once you’ve logged in, you can create your ad campaign. You can either create a new campaign from scratch or duplicate an existing campaign to save time. To duplicate a campaign in TikTok Ads, go to the “Campaign” tab and select the campaign you want to duplicate. Then, click on the “Duplicate” button.

If you’re creating a new campaign, click on the “Create” button and select the objective of your campaign, such as app installs or website clicks. You’ll also need to select your target audience, ad placement, and ad format. TikTok Ads offers several ad formats, including In-Feed Ads, Brand Takeover Ads, and TopView Ads.

Next, you’ll need to set your budget and bidding strategy. You can choose between two bidding strategies: CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) or CPC (Cost Per Click). If you’re not sure which one to choose, you can start with CPM and then switch to CPC if your ads are not delivering.

Once you’ve set your budget and bidding strategy, you can create your ad. TikTok Ads offers a variety of creative tools to help you create engaging ads, including filters, effects, and stickers. Make sure to follow TikTok’s creative guidelines to ensure that your ads are approved and reach your target audience.

After you’ve created your ad, you’ll need to submit it for review. It can take up to 24 hours for your ad to be reviewed and approved. If your ad is not approved, TikTok Ads will provide you with a reason why and give you the opportunity to make changes.

Once your ad is approved, it will start running according to the schedule you’ve set. If your ad is not spending or running outside of the schedule, check your budget and bidding strategy to make sure they are set correctly. You can also contact TikTok Ads support for assistance.

Creating successful TikTok ads takes time and practice. Use the analytics tools in the TikTok Ads Manager to measure the success of your campaigns and adjust your strategy accordingly. With persistence and creativity, you can create TikTok ads that resonate with your target audience and drive business results.

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How to create tiktok ads manager account?

Creating a TikTok ads manager account is essential to run successful ads on the platform. Follow the steps below to create an account.

Step 1: Sign up for a TikTok Ads account

To create a TikTok Ads account, go to the TikTok Ads homepage and click on “Create an Ad” in the top right corner. Follow the instructions to create an account.

Step 2: Link your TikTok account

After creating your TikTok Ads account, the next step is to link it to your TikTok account. This will allow you to manage your ads from the TikTok app. To link your TikTok account, go to your account settings in the TikTok app, click on “Business Account,” and then “Link Ad Account.” Enter your TikTok Ads account information and click “Link.”

Step 3: Set up Spark Ads

Spark Ads is TikTok’s self-serve advertising platform that allows businesses of any size to run ads on the platform. To set up Spark Ads, log in to your TikTok Ads account, click on “Create Campaign,” and select “Spark Ads.”

Step 4: Create your campaign

To create your campaign, you’ll need to define your audience, select ad placement and format, and set a budget and bid. Make sure to follow best practices and tips for creating successful TikTok ads.

Step 5: Duplicate campaigns

If you’ve already run a successful TikTok campaign, you can duplicate it to save time and ensure consistency. To duplicate a campaign, go to your TikTok Ads dashboard, click on the campaign you want to duplicate, and then click “Duplicate.” Make any necessary changes and launch your duplicated campaign.

Once you have created your TikTok ads manager account, it’s time to link it to your TikTok account. This is an important step as it allows you to manage your ads and view the performance of your campaigns from a single dashboard. Here are the steps you need to follow to link your TikTok account to your ads manager:

  1. Log in to your TikTok ads manager account.
  2. Click on the ‘Account’ tab in the top menu and select ‘Linked Accounts.’
  3. Click ‘Add a New Account’ and select ‘TikTok Account.’
  4. Enter your TikTok username and password, and click ‘Add Account.’
  5. Once your account has been added, you’ll need to verify it by clicking on the ‘Verify’ button. TikTok will then send a verification code to your registered phone number.
  6. Enter the verification code in the box provided and click ‘Verify.’
  7. Your TikTok account is now linked to your ads manager account.
    If you are experiencing issues with your TikTok ads not delivering or not spending, linking your TikTok account to ads manager could help you troubleshoot the issue. Additionally, if you want to duplicate a TikTok campaign, you can do so easily from your ads manager dashboard. Simply select the campaign you want to duplicate and click on ‘Duplicate Campaign.’ This will create a new campaign with all the same settings as the original.
  8. Now that your TikTok account is linked to ads manager, you can start creating and managing your campaigns with ease. Keep in mind that success on TikTok requires a different approach than other social media platforms. Make sure to follow TikTok best practices and experiment with different ad formats and targeting options to find what works best for your brand.

How to set up spark ads tiktok?

Setting up spark ads tiktok is an essential step to ensure the success of your ad campaign. It allows you to create custom audiences and set up advanced targeting options for your tiktok ads. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Log in to your Tiktok ads manager account and select the Campaign tab from the left-hand side menu.
  2. Click on the “Create” button to start creating your campaign. Choose the ad objective that aligns with your business goals.
  3. Select your target audience based on location, interests, age, gender, and other demographics.
  4. Set your budget and bidding strategy. If you face any issues like tiktok ads not delivering in review or tik tok ads not spending, make sure to review your campaign settings and budget allocation.
  5. Create your ad by selecting your ad format, uploading creative assets, and adding text. Follow the tiktok ad guidelines to ensure your ad meets all the requirements.
  6. Once you have reviewed and confirmed all the details, click on the “Submit for Review” button. Your ad will undergo a review process, and once it is approved, it will start running on the tiktok platform.
  7. In addition to these steps, it is essential to monitor the performance of your tiktok ad campaign regularly. You can use the Tiktok Ads Manager dashboard to track your campaign metrics, including reach, impressions, clicks, and conversions. If you want to scale your ad campaign or test different creatives, you can also duplicate your campaign using the “Duplicate” button.

Tips for creating successful tiktok ads

Creating successful tiktok ads requires a bit of finesse and strategy. Here are some tips to help you maximize your advertising efforts:

  1. Make sure your account is set up correctly – Before you can create an ad, you need to link your tiktok account to the ads manager. You can do this by logging in to your tiktok account and navigating to the Ads Manager section. From there, you can create an account or link an existing one.
  2. Start with a clear objective – What do you want to achieve with your ad? Do you want to drive traffic to your website, increase brand awareness, or promote a specific product or service? Having a clear objective will help you create a more effective ad.
  3. Use high-quality visuals – Tiktok is a visually-driven platform, so it’s important to make sure your ad looks good. Use high-quality images or videos that are eye-catching and relevant to your target audience.
  4. Keep it short and sweet – Tiktok is all about short-form content, so keep your ad brief and to the point. Try to convey your message in just a few seconds.
  5. Target the right audience – Make sure you’re targeting the right people with your ad. Use tiktok’s targeting options to reach users based on demographics, interests, and behaviors.
  6. Test and optimize – Don’t be afraid to experiment with different ad formats, targeting options, and messaging. Test your ads to see what’s working and what’s not, and make adjustments accordingly.
  7. Check your settings – If you’re having issues with your tiktok ads not delivering, not spending, or being outside of the schedule, double-check your settings. You may need to adjust your budget, targeting, or scheduling.
  8. Duplicate successful campaigns – Once you’ve created a successful tiktok ad campaign, you can duplicate it to run again in the future. This can save you time and help you maintain consistency in your advertising efforts.
    By following these tips, you can create effective tiktok ads that help you achieve your marketing goals.

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How to measure the success of your tiktok ad?

Once your tiktok ad campaign is up and running, it’s essential to monitor its progress to determine if it’s meeting your objectives. Measuring the success of your ad can help you refine your targeting, creative, and overall approach for future campaigns.

One of the key metrics to look at is the performance of your ad. Tiktok ads not spending or not delivering in review may indicate that there’s an issue with your targeting, creative, or ad placement. In such cases, you’ll need to go back to your ad settings to adjust them accordingly.

To track your ad’s performance, you’ll need to link your tiktok account to your ads manager. Once you’ve done this, you can easily see the results of your campaigns. From the ads manager dashboard, click on the “Reports” tab to access the “Campaigns” section. Here, you’ll see an overview of your campaign’s metrics, including impressions, clicks, conversions, and spend.

If you’re not seeing the desired results, you can create tiktok ads outside of schedule to run ads at different times or set up spark ads tiktok, which are ads optimized for maximum performance. Alternatively, you can duplicate a tiktok campaign and make adjustments to the settings, such as targeting, ad format, or creative to see if this improves your results.

How to duplicate a campaign in tiktok ads?

Duplicating a campaign in tiktok ads is a useful feature that can save you time and effort. how to duplicate a tiktok campaign. It allows you to create a copy of an existing campaign with all its settings, targeting, and ad creative. This way, you can test different variations of your ad without starting from scratch every time.

To duplicate a campaign in tiktok ads, follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to your tiktok ads manager account. If you don’t have an account yet, learn how to create one here.

Step 2: Go to the “Campaign” tab and select the campaign you want to duplicate.

Step 3: Click on the “More” button next to the campaign name and select “Duplicate.”

Step 4: Rename the duplicated campaign and make any necessary adjustments to its settings, targeting, and ad creative.

Step 5: Save the changes and launch the duplicated campaign.

Note that when you duplicate a campaign, the original campaign will remain active, and the duplicated campaign will be a new, separate campaign. You can use this feature to test different variations of your ad targeting, bidding, and creative without interfering with the performance of the original campaign.


Tiktok ads have proven to be a powerful marketing tool for businesses looking to reach a younger demographic. With the tips outlined in this post, you should be able to create successful tiktok ads that deliver results. Remember to measure your success and make adjustments to your campaigns as needed.

Additionally, if you encounter any issues with your ads not delivering or spending, be sure to review your campaign settings and consider linking your Tiktok account to ads manager or setting up Spark Ads Tiktok. And, don’t forget that duplicating a successful campaign can save you time and effort in the future. Good luck and happy advertising on Tiktok!

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