How Wide is a 70 Inch TV ? 70 Inch TV Dimensions explained

How Wide is a 70 Inch TV ? 70 Inch TV Dimensions

If you’re wondering how wide is a 70 inch TV is, or how wide is 70 inch tv you’re not alone. With the increasing popularity of larger screen sizes, knowing the dimensions of a 70 inch TV can be an important factor when making a purchase. In this blog post, we’ll explain the 70 inch TV dimensions, so you can determine if it will fit in the space you have available. Read on to learn more about how wide a 70 inch TV is.

Why you should check TV Dimensions before buying ?

70 inch TVs come in different dimensions. While looking to buy a 70 TV, apart from the specifications itself, checking their dimensions is one of the important factors quite a few people tend to miss. Knowing how wide a 70 inch could be, considering different types of TVs could turn out to be critical.

If you don’t pay attention to this crucial aspect, you might end up with a 70 tv dimensions which simply doesn’t fit your designated place for the TV. Or in many cases, it just might turn out to be too big or too small for the size of your room.

How wide is a 70 inch TV size is a common question from customers looking to purchase the best TV available. You must be aware that the screen’s diagonal is covered by the 70″ size in order to comprehend the height and width.

Given that height and width are typically used to describe objects, this measurement may seem counterintuitive. However, many screen-equipped electronics are measured in the same manner. Customers might also be curious about the features a 70 inch TV offers.

How Wide is a 70 Inch TV?

You could only use a system of formulas described on various websites to figure out the dimensions of a 70-inch TV. These formulas can be found in trigonometry, which is based on angles, or algebra, which uses the Pythagorean Theory. You would also need to be aware that widescreen TVs typically have a 16:9 aspect ratio.

But you can probably find this data in the form of a chart for a lot of common TV sizes. In either case, you should be able to see that the screen is 34.3 inches by 61 inches in size. The depth and bezel size of the TV, in addition to the screen size, determine the TV’s dimensions. The edge of the TV that encircles the screen is called the bezel.

The bezel is the black border around the viewing area of a standard television, if you were to imagine one. The stand may also add height if you are not mounting the TV on the wall. The TV model determines how much height is added.

Generally speaking, choose a TV that is at least 40 inches wide and placed 10 to 12 feet from where you will be sitting for a more immersive experience. Depending on the size of the TV and the size of your room, this distance may change. Use the rule of thumb to calculate the ideal viewing distance for a more comfortable viewing experience, especially if you’re measuring for a 70 in TV.

How Wide is a 70 Inch TV ?  70 Inch TV Dimensions
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70-inch TV Dimensions

89.2 cm or 35.12″ of height
70 inch tv width : 61.5″ inches (156.2 cm) of width
2.5 to 3.5 inches (6.35 to 8.9 cm) of depth


Each television model varies slightly in weight, but most weigh between 53 and 63 lbs.

8K and 4k resolutions

Despite the fact that the standard is compatible with 4K TVs, manufacturers of 8K TVs continue to classify them as UHD. About 8,000 pixels span the horizontal axis of these 8K TVs. The additional pixels should enable more detail to be displayed on the screen. Because most content is not formatted for 8K TVs, the most crucial aspect of an 8K TV is how well it upscales images. A 70″ 8K TV has approximately 125.880 PPI.

According to the number of pixels, many 4K UHD TVs have a high pixel count. A 70-inch 4K TV, for instance, has about 62.940 PPI. Because the size of the TV influences how evenly spaced the pixels are, the PPI is not the same for all 4K TVs. TVs with a resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels or higher are referred to as UHD.

Your next 70in TV will most likely be a 4K TV even though your eyes might eventually be unable to tell the difference. Though theoretically superior to 4K TV in terms of image quality, 8K TVs are more widely accessible.

Full-HD TVs are frequently thought to have higher resolutions than their HD counterparts. FHD TVs have a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. The amount of pixels per inch (PPI) greatly influences resolution. Calculating the PPI requires some math, just like calculating the height and width.

If you want to stick with just FHD, it might be wiser to look for a smaller screen size because it won’t look as bad because the screen is smaller. Although the resolution isn’t as good, a large average-sized television screen can offer an incredibly vivid picture and contrast that looks stunning when watching movies. The pixels on a Full HD display become more stretched as the TV’s size increases, resulting in poor image quality.

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When purchasing a new television, viewing distance is a crucial consideration that is related to the TV’s size. One of the larger TV manufacturers, Samsung, claims that multiplying the TV screen size by 1.2 will yield the ideal viewing distance for a 4K TV.

We always refer to the diagonal size of the screen (from top left to bottom right) when we discuss the size of a TV screen (for example, a 70-inch TV). Therefore, the ideal viewing distance for a 70-inch TV (4K model) is 701.2=84 inches (7 feet, 2.13 meters).

There are several causes for this, the most significant of which is eye strain. The picture will look better and put less strain on your eyes and body as a result of how well you do this.

Viewing various 70 in tv dimensions types from various distances will allow you to enjoy the show without putting too much strain on your eyes. Your TV’s size and type will determine how far you should sit from it. The recommended viewing distance for a 4K TV was previously mentioned.

How Wide is a 70 Inch TV? The TV size distance ratio is now roughly 1.5 to 2.5 times the diagonal size of the screen if your TV is a traditional 1080p HDTV unit. Therefore, the suggested distance is between 105 and 175 inches (8.75 to 14.6 ft) for a 1080 HDTV (70 inches).

The key point to remember is that you can watch from a closer distance with newer TVs that use 4K or 8K technology rather than 1080p HDTVs.


What is the height and width of a 70 inch TV?

Although the TV’s bezel is not measured, a 70-inch screen’s width is roughly 61 inches and its height is 34.3 inches.

How to Transport 70” TV to home?

You will need a vehicle that can move your device safely and securely when you are thinking about how to bring it with you from the retailer or from one home to another. The TV will be transported in its box, which typically measures about 70 inches long and 41 inches high.

The best option is a single-cab pickup truck with enough space for the TV to stand upright in the bed, a depth of at least 70 inches, and at least 41 inches in height. If you remove the last row of seats, using a minivan is an additional choice. Since the cabin typically has a higher height than 41 inches, the TV can fit in the upright position.

The size of the TV stand or entertainment center where the device will be placed must also be taken into account.

It’s important to consider more than just looks when choosing the right size TV stand. A significant safety risk can arise when an oversized TV is set up on a stand that is the same size as or smaller than the TV’s frame.


In general, 70-inch TVs offer a good size-to-quality ratio, making them a great option for most consumers. The most important takeaway from this article is that a 70-inch TV has an excellent viewing angle for watching TV and movies because it allows you to stay seated and take in high-quality images even from a close distance. You should now have a better understanding of the dimensions of a 70-inch television after reading this article.

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