svs 3000 micro vs sb 2000 pro 2023 : the best value for money subwoofer

svs 3000 micro vs sb 2000 pro

SVS is one of the top manufacturers of subwoofers in the world. Since they have been producing excellent products for many years, they are aware of how to maximise the sound quality of your home audio system. They do, however, come with a hefty price tag due to their reputation as one of the industry’s heavyweights. They’re not cheap by any means. However, if you take your home theatre seriously, you should seriously think about using SVS as your subwoofer option. (svs 3000 micro vs sb 2000 pro)

We will compare SVS 3000 Micro and SB-2000 Pro, two powered subwoofer speakers, in this review. They are both powered subwoofers, so you don’t need an external power amp or an integrated amp to power them. Prior to diving into our more in-depth comparison, let’s take a quick look at the key features of the SVS 3000 Micro and SVS SB-2000 Pro.

SVS 3000 Micro

svs 3000 micro vs sb 2000 pro
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The SVS 3000 Micro accomplishes the impossible by producing earth-shattering bass from a minuscule form factor.Those who love bass swear by larger subwoofers. The driver and wattage increase in proportion to the size of the cabinet. More air is moved when there is more power, which results in deeper bass.

This, according to SVS, an Ohio-based speaker manufacturer, wouldn’t do. Big subs are fine, but most people don’t live in places big enough to accommodate them. The answer was a micro-sub, but could they get powerful sound from it? The SVS 3000 Micro has only been in our possession for a few short weeks, but the answer is unambiguously yes.

ModelSVS 3000
Power800 Watts

The size is typically the only visual difference between most SVS subs. One front-mounted driver in a large, black housing, with perhaps one unusual bass port. The 3000 Micro’s design also differs significantly from the models that came before, even though it isn’t a radical departure for the company in terms of appearance.

The 3000 Micro is clearly small—at least in terms of subwoofers. Its dimensions are 10.9″ x 11.7″ x 10.7″, which is comparable to the size of a few stacked shoeboxes. Because of the smaller driver that comes with the tiny size, the cunning clogs at SVS reasoned: why settle for one? You receive two side-mounted, 8″ drivers with covered grilles in place of the single front-mounted driver.

When connecting the SVS 3000 Micro Subwoofer to your home audio system, there are many things to consider. This great subwoofer delivers deep bass with a heart-pounding effect.

key specs

2 x 8″ Aluminum Woofer

23-240 Hz Frequency Response

800 watts Max Amplifier Output

App Control Feature


Dimensions (H x W x D): 277.0″ x 11-11/16″ x 12-3/16″( 277.0 x 297.0 x 310.0mm )


  • gives your lower-frequency sounds a serious punch
  • two-channel music system
  • Small but effective distribution
  • Through the app, easily controlled
  • The epic, thunderous sound quality of the SVS 3000 Micro matches its diminutive size.
  • The 3000 Micro’s controls are simple to understand and operate
  • Blends in perfectly with any room
  • The subwoofer is surprisingly unconcerned with positioning.


  • The control app may not be designed for beginners, but the SVS 3000 Micro is.
  • Fingerprints can be captured by the glossy finish.
  • The 3000 Micro is fairly expensive.
  • Not great for big rooms

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sb 2000 pro

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The word “Pro” was recently added to the names of SVS’s main subwoofer lines. Consequently, a new iteration of the SB-2000 called the SVS SB-2000 Pro was created. However, this upgrade is not a small one. With some significant upgrades taken from the company’s more expensive lines, it represents a significant improvement over the previous model. Additionally, it has a great sound.

If you’ve seen one SVS subwoofer, you’ve probably seen them all, but that is perhaps a little harsh. Although the SB-2000 Pro offers a number of important changes, the appearance is not one of them.(svs 3000 micro vs sb 2000 pro) The Ohio outfit, however, undoubtedly has a homely appearance. The housing’s style, size, and finish options are all exactly the same as those of the now-discontinued SB-2000.

The subwoofer’s front driver measures 12 inches across and has a subdued company logo in the centre. If you’re a complete moron, you could conceal it with the included grille; see the Accessories section below for more information. Two finishes are available: Premium Black Ash and Piano Gloss Black. The latter was the case with us, and regrettably, we noticed that it significantly picked up greasy fingerprints. If you’ve just eaten some Doritos, don’t even consider approaching this subwoofer. We were a little disappointed that white wasn’t an option as well.

Modelsb-2000 Pro
Power550 Watts RMS and 1,500 Watts Peak Dynamic Power

The controls are where the subwoofer’s exterior has undergone the most change. Rugged rotary dials, which are so 2019, are no longer in use. Instead, SVS has standardised a control scheme across their range that was first introduced in their more expensive subwoofers, like the SB-3000. (svs 3000 micro vs sb 2000 pro) It is a straightforward system with six buttons surrounding a single bar of blue lights. These buttons allow you to view the subwoofer’s volume, crossover, and phase, all of which are denoted by blue lights.

The 2000 Pro has undergone the most significant changes and is significantly different from its predecessor in virtually every way. We previously discussed how SVS used the sophisticated control system from its more expensive subwoofers, and we are happy to report that they also applied this philosophy to the internals. The DSP, the driver, and the SLEDGE amp are the three components that combine superbly to produce the amazing sound.

key specs

12″ Aluminum Woofer

19-240 Hz Frequency Response

550 watts Max Amplifier Output

App Control Feature


Dimensions (H x W x D): 370.0″ x 14-3/16″ x 17-1/16″( 370.0 x 361.0 x 434.0mm )


  • Simple to install and configure
  • Excellent subwoofer for music and movies.
  • enhances the surround sound system’s epic bottom end
  • You can feel explosions and rumbles in movies thanks to bass extension down to 16 Hz.


  • Heavy and difficult to maneuver

Specs Table

GeneralSVS 3000 MicroSVS SB-2000 Pro
Speaker TypePowered SubwooferPowered Subwoofer
Max Amplifier Output800 watts550 watts
Frequency Response23-240 Hz19-240 Hz
Watts RMS (Continuous)800-watt RMS550-watt RMS
Watts Peak (Max)2500-watt RMS1500-watt RMS
Woofer Quantity21
Woofer Size8″12″

Reasons to choose SVS 3000 Micro over SVS SB-2000 Pro

Number of Woofers:

svs 3000 micro – 2

svs sb 2000 pro – 1

Reasons to choose SVS SB-2000 Pro over SVS 3000 Micro

woofer size:

svs 3000 micro – 8 inches

svs sb 2000 pro – 12 inches

Low Frequency Response:

svs 3000 micro – 23 Hz

svs sb 2000 pro – 19 Hz

Final thoughts

That concludes our examination of the top SVS subwoofers. We’ve tested a lot of subwoofers over the years, and we can confidently say that SVS produces the highest-quality subwoofers. Although they cost more than other subwoofers on the market, you’ll hear an immediate and noticeable difference in the sound quality.

The SVS SB-3000 Subwoofer is our top pick. When compared to other models from SVS, it is reasonably priced and has everything you require for a performance of the highest calibre. It receives our selection as the best overall value.

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