Turtlebox Speaker review : The sound that booms

Turtlebox Speaker review : The sound that booms

Turtlebox Speaker review : turtlebox wireless bluetooth weather resistant portable speaker reviews: It’s not unusual to wish your speaker had more sound and power. You want to be able to listen to your music wherever you are. Having music playing while camping or hosting a party helps everyone feel more at ease and enjoys their surroundings more. However, you need it loud enough that everyone can hear it without the sound becoming distorted. A turtle box speaker reviews may be useful in that situation for you.

I’ve been putting the Turtlebox Speaker to the test to see how it performs when used all day and in public. You can transport this speaker with you and benefit from its powerful sound even when you are a long way away. In search of a portable Bluetooth speaker that you can take with you both inside and outside? On the market, there are many of those. What makes the Turtlebox Speaker unique then? Learn more by reading on.

 Turtlebox speaker  Turtle box speaker
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 Turtlebox speaker

The mission of Turtlebox review speaker is to “make the loudest, toughest portable speaker in the market that is specifically built for the outdoors,” and the company is unapologetic about this. On that score, it has arguably succeeded, but it has also succeeded in producing the most hideous Bluetooth speaker on the market. It is obvious that you must choose between your two main senses in this situation: how it sounds and how it looks.

turtlebox speakers : Let’s start with its sound (turtlebox audio)

turtlebox audio reviews : There is no getting around the fact that Turtle box review has succeeded in delivering exceptional audio quality through clear highs and powerful bass. Furthermore, no matter how loud you turn the volume up, there doesn’t seem to be any distortion. It is also unbearably loud. The backlit onboard controls don’t make it clear when you’ve reached maximum volume, but if you’re standing right next to the speaker, I doubt you can do so without permanently harming your hearing.

Hearing this speaker won’t be a problem for you. The best thing about it is that. Up to 120 dB of sound can be produced without distortion. The song will still sound exactly as it should whether the volume is extremely low or high. I placed the Turtlebox Speaker in one room, closed the door, and then I went to another room across from it and did the same. I increased the volume so that I could hear the song clearly even through walls.

Utilizing the volume controls on your phone while standing back from it will make doing this a little safer. Even then, unless you’re in a stadium-like setting, it’s difficult to find a situation where you can comfortably use the Turtlebox above more than 30 percent volume. Although there are undoubtedly such circumstances, two units can be paired together for a true stereo experience if the first option isn’t satisfactory.

When a bass-heavy song is playing at maximum volume, the bass really kicks and you can actually see the speaker moving. This upgraded model features a 1.25′′ tweeter that is bigger. A high-efficiency driver and a 6′′ x 9′′ polypropylene speaker cone with rubber surround are present. The frequency curve contributes to the production of wind-cutting sound.

Although the battery is identified as a 9-cell, 85wH unit, Turtlebox does not provide an amplifier power rating. 20 hours of playback at “easy listening” volume and more than 6 hours at maximum volume are claimed for the battery. There are only two available audio source options: AUX cable input or Bluetooth.

Turtlebox Speaker design

 Turtlebox speaker  Turtle box speaker
turtle box gen 2 review turtle box audio turtle box charger
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Let’s examine the device’s uninspired design now that its audio quality has been established. The entire unit is covered in monochrome plastic that wouldn’t look out of place on a portable beverage cooler and has the rough shape of a large lunch box (11.5 x 6.5 x 8.75 inches,).

Just by looking at the speaker, you can tell how sturdy it is. As a result of its hard and durable exterior, the speaker is impact-resistant. Both fully waterproof and dustproof, it is IP67. This means that you can take it outdoors and use it on a boat, in the rain, while camping in the woods, and in a variety of other outdoor settings.

By any means, it is not a tiny speaker. This isn’t the choice if you’re looking for one that you can throw in a bag. It’s probably not the one for you if you’re looking for one to simply keep in your house. But it works well for outdoor activities. On the bottom, there are rubber feet as well.

The Turtlebox will undoubtedly look most at home in the settings in which the company has photographed it: in the back of a pickup, fastened to a kayak, or fastened to the bonnet of an ATV. This is because of its distinctly industrial appearance. The item comes with tie-down anchors on both sides. It is obvious that the 10-pound device won’t be easily damaged short of your F-150 completely catching on fire. IP67 specifications, which mean that it is dust-resistant and can be submerged in up to a meter of water for 30 minutes without suffering harm, make it appear that the device will not be easily damaged.

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On the left-hand side of the Turtlebox speaker’s top is an LED control pad. From here, you can change tracks and adjust the volume. With the touch of a button, one or two devices can also be connected via Bluetooth. Because the buttons are illuminated, using them at night is made easier. Field Tan, White, Original Green, Laguna Madre Blue, and Thunderhead Gray are the five available colours.

Turtlebox Speaker features

You can see how solid it is on top of the LED control pad. This turtlebox reviews speaker is well constructed and even includes tie-down anchors, so if you don’t want it to move, it won’t. The design of the charging port is intriguing. Similar to a screw-off design on a reusable water bottle, it has a screw-off construction.

turtle box speaker charger, A USB-C in and out port is located inside, allowing you to charge the turtle speaker. turtlebox charger However, the out port can also be used to charge your phone, tablet, or other device. The charging ports have covers to protect them from harsher environmental elements. But from the top of the speaker, it does seem a little silly.

Additionally, the cap has an aux output that makes it simple to connect your phone or MP3 player. There may also be a place to plug in a laptop or computer. There is a button on the control pad for connecting more than one Turtlebox speaker, so if you have two, you can do so. You can further balance the sound by doing this.


(turtlebox gen 2 review) The sound quality of the speaker will astound you. It can play loud music while staying clear. If you enjoy camping or fishing, it is a good speaker for outdoor activities. This speaker turtle box gen 2 might not be the best choice for you if you’re looking for something portable. It is a bit pricey at $374. But it is a strong option in terms of strength and durability.

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